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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona The Grand Canyon Nation Park for sure is one of the most famous national parks within the United States. Each year it attracts a vast number of visitors from all over the States and even from all over the world. Covering an area of almost 2.000 square miles, it offers one of the most impressive sceneries in the Rocky Mountains. It is an excellent place for hiking, which is the best way to explore wildlife and wildflowers, but also to access the more than 2.000 prehistoric Indian sites in the Grand Canyon. Here and there you will also encounter abandoned mining camps which stem back to the nineteenth century.

Getting there

The two main entrances to the park are the South Rim Entrance Station and the North Rim Entrance Station. Both can easily be accessed when arriving through Arizona or when approaching the park from the north, respectively. Be sure to check if the entrance you are planning to use is open. Especially during the winter months, this may not be guaranteed, as the North Rim Entrance is usually not open during the winter months.
Outside the park, lodging is available in Tusayan about 1 mile before the south park entrance. From here it is about a 20 minute drive to the closest south rim overlook Mather Point and the Visitor Center. Inside the park, the Bright Angel Lodge and the campground are available. It pays off to compare prices: The Bright Angel Lodge even be less expensive than the motels in Tusayan. During the off-season, lodging should never be a problem.

Lodging and Accomondation

Inforation about lodging and camping can be found in the lodging section.
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